Want to avoid car trouble this holiday season? Here's what you need to know!

Seasons greetings from all of us here at Metro Toyota! By now, your holiday season is in full swing, and with the big day less than a week away, you've probably got a lot on your plate. And while we're hesitant to add to your holiday to do list, we've seen enough cars roll (or be rolled) into our shop during the holiday season to know that you don't want to leave car care on the back burner, even when Santa Claus is coming to town. In fact, one of the biggest maintenance issues drivers from our hometown to Brunswick, OH have to worry about around this time of year is their windshield wipers.

Now, we know that windshield wipers are probably the last thing on your mind with family flying in from all over the country to spend the holidays here with you in Brunswick, but trust us when we say that they may seem small, but they can cause big problems if they're not in good shape. With all the excess salt and grit on the road during the winter, your windshield wipers might be more worn out than you'd think, and no one want to be stuck on the freeway with their wipers squeaking away to little effect. That's not only unsightly, it's downright dangerous.

Luckily, there's an easy way to see if your wiper blades are in good shape. A simple inspection of the rubber components of your windshield wipers should tell you all you need to know. The rubber should be flexible with no cracks or tears. To maintain your wipers, simply wipe down any excess grit on rubber components with a wet cloth, and try to leave them up if it's going to snow overnight to prevent them from freezing to the windshield.

On the other hand, if your windshield wipers seem worse for wear, you may want to consider coming in to our service center here at Metro Toyota. We'll gladly set you up with some genuine Toyota winter windshield wipers so that you can skip the worry and simply enjoy your holiday season.

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