EV Charging at Metro Toyota

Welcome to Metro Toyota’s ChargePoint Charging Station in Brook Park, Ohio! We’re thrilled to introduce our cutting-edge charging facility that aims to make electric vehicle (EV) charging a seamless and enjoyable experience for all drivers.

Here’s a guide on using our ChargePoint Charging Station and some essential information you need to know:

Effortless Electric Vehicle Charging with ChargePoint

Charge. Pay. Go.

Finding a place to charge your EV has never been easier with ChargePoint.


Address: Metro Toyota, 13775 Brookpark Road, Brook Park, Ohio 44142 (Just 6 miles from Cleveland Airport).

Navigation:Use the ChargePoint mobile app for real-time availability and directions.

Why Choose Metro Toyota’s ChargePoint Station:

– Multiple stations for minimal wait times.
– Equipped with the latest ChargePoint technology for efficiency and reliability.
– Provided by ChargePoint, a leading EV charging station provider.
– Family-owned dealership committed to exceptional service.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When Is Charging Available?

- 24/7 accessibility for your convenience.
- Well-lit parking lot for secure charging day or night.

Do I Have To Be A Metro Toyota Customer?

- Open to the public, supporting all EV drivers in the community.

Do I Need To Go Inside To Start Charging?

- No need to enter the dealership; pay for charging directly at the station.

What Kind Of Cars Does This Charge?

- Compatible with all electric and hybrid vehicles.

How Long Does It Take To Charge My Electric or Hybrid Vehicle?

- Charging times vary based on your vehicle type, offering quick and efficient charging.

Where is Metro Toyota's ChargePoint EV Charging Station Located?

6 miles from Cleveland Airport: Ideal for local and traveling EV drivers. 13775 Brookpark Road, Brook Park, Ohio 44142.

How to Use the ChargePoint Charging Station at Metro Toyota

Using our ChargePoint Charging Station is designed to be an effortless experience. Whether you’re a tech-savvy driver or new to electric vehicles (EVs), our intuitive, user-friendly system ensures that your charging experience is both smooth and efficient. Here’s how you can easily power up your EV at our station.

1. Locate and Access

The ChargePoint Charging Station is conveniently situated at Metro Toyota, 13775 Brookpark Road, Brook Park, Ohio 44142, just 6 miles from Cleveland Airport. You can easily locate our charging station using the ChargePoint mobile app, which provides real-time availability and directions.

2. Initiate the Charging Process

Once you arrive, simply tap your ChargePoint card or use the ChargePoint mobile app to unlock the charger. You can also start the charge by swiping your credit card if you still need to sign up for a ChargePoint account.

3. Connect Your EV

Gently plug the charging connector into your vehicle’s charging port. Our ChargePoint station is compatible with all modern EVs, ensuring a secure and efficient connection.

4. Monitor Your Charging

After connecting, the charging process will begin automatically. You can monitor the charging status and receive notifications about your charging session through the ChargePoint app. This app allows you to track energy usage, view charging history, and even receive alerts when your vehicle is fully charged.

5. Convenient Payment and Receipts

The cost of charging will be displayed on the station and in the app. Payments are made simple and secure through the ChargePoint app or your registered credit card. Digital receipts are sent directly to your email for easy tracking and expense management.

OR Use Toyota’s App

6. Safely Disconnect

Once your EV is fully charged, or when you’re ready to hit the road, simply unplug the connector and return it to the station. The charging session ends automatically, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.


At Metro Toyota, we believe that charging your EV should be as straightforward and enjoyable as driving it. Our ChargePoint Charging Station is just another way we strive to provide exceptional service and convenience to our valued customers.

Your Go-To Destination for EV Charging:

– Metro Toyota is not just a dealership; it’s a part of your journey towards a greener future.
– Experience the ease of EV charging like never before at Metro Toyota’s ChargePoint Charging Station.

Visit us today and embrace the future of eco-friendly transportation!

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Understanding ChargePoint Charging Station Cost:

As of 8/18/2023, it costs $.30 per kWh, approximately $3.96 for a 2-hour charge.

Energy Rate

$0.30 kWh

Cost Estimates

$1.98 for 1 hour
$3.96 for 2 hours
$5.94 for 3 hours
$7.92 for 4 hours
$9.90 for 5 hours
$11.88 for 6 hours
$13.86 for 7 hours
$15.84 for 8 hours
$17.82 for 9 hours
$18.00 for 10 hours


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