Can You Extend a Car Lease?

2021 Toyota RAV4 models parked outside of a building

Are you at the end of your car lease term in Cleveland? You might be asking “can you extend a car lease?” Unfortunately, the answer to that is no. When your lease is up, you have a couple of options, including buying your car outright and trading it in for a new lease. The pros and cons of extending a car lease are therefore a moot point but don’t worry, Metro Toyota is going to walk you through the car lease question in full detail. And don’t forget about our finance team!

Option 1: Buy Your Car Outright

You have asked “can I extend my car lease?” and we have answered in the negative. However, there is still a way to hold onto your car once you’re done with it, and that’s buying it outright. When you do that, you’ll be given an offer to finance that vehicle with Metro Toyota and you’ll be able to drive around Parma in style. Are you getting close to the end of your lease term? Talk to one of our sales pros today to discuss your options.

Option 2: Trade in and Get Another Car

Once your lease is up, you have a second option that still leaves you with a car. You can exchange your car and sign down on another lease. A sales professional at Metro Toyota can help you determine which of our many Toyota vehicles is perfect for your driving needs in Brunswick, and we know that when you go with a new Toyota with us, you’ll be satisfied with the sales experience.

Option 3: Walk Away

You have a third option if you’d rather purchase your next car from somewhere else. You can simply return the car to us, make sure the car is checked as you return it, and walk away. 

Metro Toyota: Your Toyota Lease Place

Ready to figure out your lease situation now that you’re at the end of your current one? Talk to the experts at Metro Toyota about the pros and cons of extending a car lease! We have a great roster of vehicles that you can pick from, and our sales team would be happy to answer any questions if you have asked “can I extend my car lease?” Contact us today to learn more!

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