Your Options for Toyota All-Wheel Drive

Toyota Highlander AWD
Known for staying ahead of the curve, Toyota has adapted to the modern car market and provided Brook Park drivers with many Toyota AWD vehicles. These drivetrains are so attractive because they can help you gain control of your vehicle in dicey road conditions and climates. There are many options, so Metro Toyota created a guide to all the Toyota all-Wheel drive models below!



Toyota AWD Vehicles

If you’re getting a car to get you through the winter in Cleveland, you have plenty of Toyota cars and SUVs to choose from. You can even get Toyota All-Wheel drive on a hybrid engine!

In addition to all-wheel drive, Toyota offers four-wheel drive on some of its most robust vehicles, from the aptly-named 4Runner to its popular truck the Tacoma. On these vehicles, you’re able to turn four-wheel drive on and off, providing you versatile performance on Parma roads.

What is Toyota All-Wheel Drive?

Toyota offers drivers a few different options for all-wheel drive performance, some of which only come on certain trims of vehicles. Advanced all-wheel drive technologies are an integral part of your vehicle’s technology package, along with features like Toyota Safety Sense. Let’s explore further details:

  • Dynamic Torque Control All-Wheel Drive: This system originated in the RAV4 but now it’s available for the Highlander as well. Torque control distributes torque across the front and rear axles as well as the rear wheels, resulting in better traction and control in Brunswick.
  • Electronic On-Demand All-Wheel Drive with Intelligence: As you may have guessed, this all-wheel drive technology is a feature of the hybrid engines on the Highlander and RAV4, as it distributes torque instantaneously to the rear wheels.
  • All-Wheel Drive with Active Torque Control: A feature of the Sienna starting on the LE trims, this technology sends torque to the wheels that need it quickly with its sensors.

Research Toyota AWD Vehicles with Metro Toyota

A vehicle is only as good as its performance, and Toyota AWD vehicles deliver the goods across a variety of trims and models. At Metro Toyota, we’re proud to have these vehicles among our new vehicle specials for Brook Park drivers to research and drive. Please contact us with any questions about Toyota performance or if you want to learn how to pay off a car loan early!

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