With winter weather on the way, trust Metro Toyota to get your car ready for the snowy months ahead!

November 2nd, 2018 by

Well folks, with Halloween in the rear view mirror and the holidays up ahead, winter is well and trul y on its way to the Cleveland area. Now, if you’re like many drivers, you’re probably busy prepare yourself the hustle and bustle of the holidays ahead, but if preparing your car for winter isn’t right up there on your to-do list with Black Friday present shopping and preparing that green bean casserole for Thanksgiving dinner, you’d be doing yourself a disservice. Fortunately, when it comes to preparing your car for the winter weather to come, we’re experts here at Metro Toyota, and we’d love the chance to help you.

Top tips to get your car ready for winter
Get your fluids checked and changed: Now, this one’s practically an all-season tip, but it’s especially important to do before the onset of winter. We endure some truly brutal temperatures here on the shores of Lake Erie during the wintertime, and no one wants to wake up to find their car won’t start after a snowstorm. So, swing by our service center in Brook Park at your earliest convenience to get your oil change, get topped off on anti-freeze, and get yourself a jug of de-icing windshield wiper fluid to prepare for the flurries ahead.
Get some winter tires: If you think you can make it through the winter without a reliable set of winter tires, you’re sorely mistaken. All-season tires are less capable and less safe to use in snowy and icy conditions than winter tires. This is because winter tires have a unique chemical composition to their rubber that keeps them flexible in low temperatures, as well as unique tread designs that bite into the snow and ice to help you attain and retain traction.

Get a set of all-weather floor mats: With snow, slush, and road salt all over the place in Cleveland during the winter, it can be challenging to keep the interior of your car clean and pristine in the wintertime. But while they may seem like a small detail, all-weather floor mats can make a big difference when it comes to preventing melted snow and a salt from messing up your interior. And with genuine Toyota all-weather floor mats available at our Brook Park, OH Toyota dealership, you can find the right fit for your vehicle.

With a little help from our team here at Metro Toyota, you can take on winter travel here in Cleveland with total confidence. So, feel free to schedule your next service appointment with the Metro Toyota service center at your earliest convenience and let us show you why so many Cleveland drivers entrust their winter car care to us year after year.

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